Zip Repair Tool 3.3


Zip Repair Tool 3.3

Zip Repair Tool is a ZIP recovery engine for a fast and accurate zip repair
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Zip Repair Tool is a good and reliable tool to repair damaged Zip files. This application is very easy to use and needs little disk space (5 MB) for installation. The installation process is fairly simple and this application is compatible with most of Windows OS versions (98, ME, NT 4.0, 2K, XP and Vista). It needs 32 MB or higher RAM. Its user interface is elegant and simple. The interaction is direct and uses simple steps. You can either create a newly repaired Zip file or just extract the files stored in a damaged archive. Since this application contains 64-bit extension, it helps in dealing with Zip files of larger size. This is a powerful application which enables the user to repair all types of ZIP files. It's very effective in dealing with normal Zip files and tends to take a bit of time in case of Spanned and multi-part Zip files. I personally tested this application to repair some of my damaged Zip files. I'm satisfied with its performance and grateful for saving files that I thought long lost. There are few limitations in this application. It cannot help with files lost during the download process. You can check CRC and if it's compatible, at least you can extract whatever files remained in the archive. There are few additional features in this tool. You can change the appearance of User interface and can store the Log for future references. The Uninstallation process is easy and leaves no residual files. It also provides online technical support which is fast and answers any questions you have in dealing with this application.

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  • User interface is simple and easy to interact with
  • Compatible with Most Windows OS and works fast
  • Helps in repairing Spanned and multi-part Zip files
  • You can extract the files from damaged archive without any alteration to the archive
  • Online technical support is fast and reliable
  • Installation and Uninstallation process is simple


  • Only works with Windows OS and for Linux, Mac users it's useless
  • Processing several files at same time slows down the system speed
  • You can repair multi-part Zip files only after joining the files


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